Bouncy Ball Lab

In this lab we were attempting to combine sodium borate in water with polyvinyl acetate, also known as glue, to create bouncy balls. In order to make a “good” bouncy ball it must include these properties: round, smooth texture, to be able to hold its shape, and to have a high bounce. The proportions of your elements is crucial when trying to succeed in creating a bouncy ball that has all the mentioned properties of a good bouncy ball. The first bouncy ball my group created, we used 10 grams of glue and added 1 mL of the mixture of borax and water, this mixture had 75 mL of water to 10 grams of borax. This bouncy ball was a decent size that weighed 8.6 grams, it had a rough texture, but lost its shape pretty quickly and the size of the bounce was low to medium height. Our second bouncy ball, we used the same proportions as the first one but this bouncy ball weighed 9.2 grams, it had a silky texture, lost its shape not as quickly and had a low to medium bounce. The third bouncy ball we tried had 15 grams of glue and added 1 mL of the water/borax mixture. This resulted in the weight being 9.5 grams, lost its shape, was smooth texture and had a low bounce. Me and my partner went through these multiple tests because it was all about trial and error which we kept in mind as we went through our experiments. We started off with our proportions then changed one element at a time until we found a proportion that worked best. This proportion was 10 grams of glue with 1 mL of the water mixture to them, which resulted in one of our final bouncy balls as 8.2 grams that had a smooth texture, a low to medium bounce but kept its shape. Our second final bouncy ball weighed 8.1 grams, had a low to medium bounce and kept its shape with a rough texture. The element we kept the same was the borax solution and changed the amount of glue because if we were to change more than one element at a time, we wouldn’t know what made the difference in the end. Changing one element at a time allowed us to see how the different amounts of the ingredient affected the bouncy ball.These proportions and elements have to be controlled because it can affect the size, how well the bouncy ball holds it shape, texture and the height of the bounce                          ImageImageImage


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