Finding Your Passion

When finding your own passion you have to ask yourself, “What work am I willing to suffer for today?” Great work requires suffering for something beyond yourself. It’s created when you bend your life around a mission and spend yourself on something you think is worthy of your best effort. My passion is cheerleading. I have been doing sports all my life, from gymnastics to soccer to swim, I’ve literally done it all because sports are a big part of my life. Cheer is very important to me because it is the one sport that I have ever wanted to do for the rest of my life, and cheer is the center of my life. Everything I do and every decision I make revolves around cheer and how it will effect my team. Every decision from my school work to who I hang out with and how I get a haircut is all about cheer. My social life is pushed aside, my free time is taken up and my heart, body and soul focuses only on cheer. It is the one thing in my life that has always been there for me and the one decision that I have never regretted. It comes with blood, sweat and tears but it all pays off in the end, all the hard work and time that I have put in this sport have been given freely by me. The gym has become my second home, my team is my second family and this sport is my passion.When you start doing something that you love and time seems to stop…You have found your passion.  Go for it, live it, for that is the path you are meant to take. This path will lead you into wonderful new opportunities that you never felt were possible. Passions will emerge and we cram as much of it as we can into our lives, when you find your will find bliss.


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