Old and New Materials

The Theory of Discovery discussion and the documentary of the Samurai swords have a deep connection to our current studies to increase our technology and weaponry. These craftsmen and scientists create these remarkable things with materials, such as silk, the Thread of Discovery is a discovery that is biodegradable, edible, sustainable and can be implanted into the human body without causing any type of harm. It is also capable of the idea that matter such as a different state, can be changed. This new form has properties that make it very sought after by many people because it could be profitable, and it is renewable. The silk has created a way of thinking about holograms, reflectors and vein replacements as well as the invention of bones.The Samurai Sword is known also as katanas and is an ancient art that Japanese craftsmen would use. These Japanese craftsmen used their basic knowledge of elements and chemical/physical reactions to create one of the most amazing swords known to man. These swords could take months of physical labor and many people in order to create a sword that was made specifically for close combat. The sword could lead to other inventions if the two types of steel used to create the sword are transformed into other forms.This is a blade that has a hard outer layer that holds a very sharp edge that can easily cut a human in half, and had a tough inner core that could absorb the shock of impact to prevent shattering. The Samurai swords and the silk are both important inventions that have impacted our society with its mysterious qualities. They could lead to new inventions and have already led to other inventions such as airplanes and vehicles.



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