Three Questions: January 31, 2014

Recently, in my honors chemistry class I have been studying and have taken a test over the classification of matter and  lab safety procedures. We have also been working on some exploratory labs this week. We performed a lab in where we used skittles and the probability of tosses to help demonstrate the half-lives of chemicals. The next lab we completed was called, The Case of the Melting Ice, also known as “Frosty.” We recorded data, plotted a graph, and found equations to show the best fit line to find when Frosty would have melted. I have had difficulty understanding all of the steps in order to get a graph on a calculator and I will also check the class website more often to ensure that I am not missing any of the work assigned online. It is hard for me to keep staying on top of everything and I plan to work harder and study often to understand what we are recently learning in order to not fall behind.


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