Mini lab: Ion Exploration

Today in chemistry, we completed an ion exploration mini lab. Basically, we were provided a laminated chart and were to mix different chemicals and then record each reaction. Many reactions occurred, some had no noticeable changes while other changed colors and produced new substances. An example of the color change was the mixture of Pb2+ and the KI, this mixture cause the two chemicals to result in a bright yellow color and had an almost paint like appearance. We mixed each chemicals with a blower (pipette) that could mix together both chemicals without having to actually touch the substances or the chart. After we completed gathering all our data, we had to figure out the chemical name to each compound we had created. The cations are the positive ions and the anions are the negative ions; the cations always come first before the anions when figuring the chemical name. For example, Ag+ and I- has one negative and one positive charge therefore the charges cancel out to zero and becomes AgI. These first mixtures of the chemicals were extremely easy to figure out because they were simple but soon they started to get more difficult like Fe3+ and CO 2 over 3-. You had to actually think and remember everything we had been learning about subscripts and charges which can mess up your chemical name if you do not complete it correctly. The subscripts are known as how many of each element is needed for each particular substance and compound.



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