Thickness of Aluminum Foil

In another mini lab, we were conducting the experiment of trying to find the thickness of aluminum foil and the thickness of the aluminum foil in my group was 1.85 mm^3.I figured this out by using the density (mass/volume), the mass, the area of the foil, and by using conversions to solve for the thickness. The mass I used was .5 g, my group decided to cut out a square that was 10 cm by 10 cm, though when we remeasured it, it came out to 9.98 cm by 9.99 cm, which gave us an area of around 10,000 mm^2. The mass we found the square to be was 0.185 grams. Through many conversions we were able to come up with the result of 1.85 mm^3, this is reliable because we were able to find the correct density, volume, mass and area and we also calculated our masses and lengths to the best of our ability, so my group would say that 1.85 mm^3 is known as our foil’s thickness and is considered very accurate and reliable.



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