Beans in a Pot~Exploratory Lab

Today in Chemistry we had 5 different types of beans, each in groups of 50, and found the masses of them all. We had the black beans, lima beans, kidney beans, lentil beans and garbanzo beans.  Once we found the masses of each we decide the smallest mass in the lab which was the lentils, we calculated the relative masses. To get relative masses you must take the masses of each sample of beans divided by the mass of the lentils. After we found the relative masses we used our triple beam balances to find out how many beans were in a “pot”, this means how many beans can fit into the relative mass. The pot is a model of a mole because we can now use it to determine the mass or number of beans in any amount or mass of beans. The relative mass used for that of a mole is that of hydrogen, the lightest element. Below are my group’s results that include the bean type, mass of the 50 beans, the relative mass, rank and the number of beans in a “pot”:







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