3 Question Blog-3/14/14

1. What tasks have you completed recently?

Recently I have completed a Frankenstein Essay for English about ambition and have watched several movies for AP US History for extra credit. In chemistry, we have recently experimented with moles and empirical formulas as well as molecular formulas. We have also completed a Beans in a Pot Exploratory Lab which we did to help us learn exactly what a mole was representing and how it worked, or how it is used.

2. What have you learned recently? 

In English we have been learning about the Renaissance era and Macbeth; in AP US History we have been learning about pre-war and World War II and the impact it had on our country. In chemistry, I have been learning about the concept of the mole and how to solve molecular and empirical formulas.

3. What are you planning on doing next?

I am planning to further my knowledge on the mole by completing my glog on mole day and I am preparing and planning to try and do my best on the NMSBA testing that is happening all next week.



  1. One thing that you can add to your blog post is a citation linking to one of your previous blogs. The way that you do that is by going to edit, highlighting the lab name or a recent blog name and then linking it to a previous post. It will help you earn more points on your blogs.

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